Měděné trubice wolframu, měděné trubky wolframu
Wolfram rør af kobber, kobber Wolfram rør
Koperen buis wolfraam, koper wolfraam buizen
Copper tungsten tube, Copper tungsten tubes
Tube de cuivre tungstène, tubes de cuivre tungstène
Kupferrohr von Wolfram, Wolfram-Rohre aus Kupfer
Tubo di rame tungsteno, tubi di rame tungsteno
Kobber Wolfram røret, Wolfram kobber-rør
Tubo de tungstênio de cobre, tungsténio tubos de cobre
Wolfram tub de cupru, cupru Wolfram tuburi
Вольфрамовые медные трубки, вольфрамовые медные трубки
Tubo de cobre de tungsteno, tubos de cobre de tungsteno
Koppar volfram röret, volfram rör av koppar
Bakır tungsten tüp, tungsten Bakır Borular
Copper tungsten

Copper tungsten tube

Copper tungsten tube Copper tungsten tube Copper tungsten tube

1, Tungsten copper Alloy (WCu)
2, Class: Round tube and Square tube
3, OD: 3.0mm to 380 mm;
4, Length: max 1000 mm;
5, Wall thickness: min 0.3 mm
All can be produced as the requirements of customers.

Tungsten Copper has the ability to provide stable cutting in carbide and other refractory metals. It is most widely used to machine tungsten carbide when fine surface finishes are required. Thin sheets, small diameter rods, and tubing are all 60/40 (60% Tungsten, 40% copper) composition. Plates, round bars and square bars are 70/30 (70% tungsten, 30% copper) composition.


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